Vision Mission

Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission of Medical Education Program Head and Neck Surgery Specialist


Being the center of Specialist Education 2 Head Neck Surgery dignified, competitive, excel at national and international level based on research and the latest technology to support the process of Education, Research and Service to the community. (Implementation Tridharma college)


Mission of Medical Education Program Head Neck Surgery Spesialis2
1. Implement medical education spesialis2 head neck surgery to always consider and adjust the Indonesian government’s program in terms of health care and scientific developments.
2. Maintaining the quality of education by continuing to enhance the implementation of the curriculum in line with the development of science and technology of medicine
3. Making education specialists graduate 2 head neck surgery as a leader in the field of health care, dedicated their expertise in the fields of science, technology, humanities, and the arts to the community the national and international health oriented.
4. Develop a system-based institutional governance and management of the latest