Knowledge and skills of Head Neck Surgery is one of the competencies that must be mastered by the Surgeon Doctor, therefore head neck surgery, including one of the core learning and training is also given to students surgeon.

But in education surgeon in flashlights education in general, there is no Head Neck Surgery Division is responsible for the administration of the head neck surgery module as a whole to the learners. Learners get neck surgery fractional head of some division or department in the surgical environment.

Concern is that if the flashlight education are other surgical studies program that also teaches the majority of head neck surgery coverage to their students on their own, thus the share of knowledge and skills acquired by the participant students spisialis surgical doctor will be very little. While the number of surgical cases in the area of ​​head and neck quite a lot, ranging from simple to very complex, and all of them need treatment excellence and plenary.

Given the above it should be organized Doctor Education Program Surgeon Consultant Head Neck which is a continuation of education surgeon for those who wish to deepen in the field of surgery head neck and worked in flashlight education or hospital network education, so that they became responsible module for delivery of the head neck surgery, can educate the students surgeon intact and better, and can serve cases surgical referral hard head and neck can not be done by surgeons in the area.

Therefore, since 2004 held Training Program Consultant Surgeon Doctor Head Neck, and then in 2015 officially became Head Neck Surgery courses PPDS 2 FK Unair.

Head neck surgeries addressed include:
1. Endocrine (thyroid and parathyroid)
2. Head neck neoplasms (benign and malignant)
3. Maxillofacial Trauma
4. congenital abnormalities head neck
5. Infection head neck
6. Reconstruction of the head neck (defect closure due removal of the tumor)